Company Introduction

Soltworks is the best ICT company to bring imagination
to reality with the latest VR/AR technology for various fields.


기업개요 머리글

Soltworks, the best ICT company,
brings imagination to reality with differentiated technologies.

With countless development experiences, Soltworks acquired the ability to plan and
develop content for a variety of industrial fields such as medical information system for and experiential VR simulator.

As a leading ICT company, Soltworks will strive to fulfill the mission of "Achieving Technological Value for People" by following
the right management and business ethics for customers, organizations, investors and partners who provide advice and cooperation.

기업 주요 가치 키워드

the future-oriented

Pursue technological value for people
with proper management adhering to the business ethics


Provide various contents
with latest techniques such as VR/AR/MR and eXPIS


Lead 4th industrial revolution
with brilliant and passionate workforce


주요연혁 머리글


Soltworks was founded in 2008 and is growing very rapidly.

세부 주요연혁 내용



    C.I 소개 머리글

    C.I Introduction

    Soltworks always strives its best to accomplish beyond expectation

    C.I 심볼&콘셉 설명

    Symbol & Concept

    The symbolic mark of Soltworks expresses technology, knowledge and the shape of a leaping frog.
    The core value of Soltworks, the endless innovation and the challenge spirit, is emphasized by expressing the shape of a leaping frog in to form of an open network.
    Also the color red is used to express the buring desire of Soltworks to contribute for the harmony of people and technology.

    Symbolism of the Solt Group logo, The history of the leaping frog symbol image
    Soltworks logo

    주요 아이덴티티

    Primary Identifier

    Please be advised that Soltworks prohibits the use of modified symbls and logos as it may distort the image of the company and exacerbate the communication effect.

    Form 1 Soltworks Logo Basic 1 (Horizontal)
    Form 2 Soltworks Logo Basic 2 (Vertical)
    Form 3 Soltworks Logo Basic 3 (Horizontal)
    Form 4 Soltworks Logo Basic 4 (Vertical)

    컬러 시스템

    Color System

    Dedicated color is an important element in forming the identity of Soltworks.
    The expression of the exclusive color shall be in spot color printing and the color swatch or color number mentioned in this manual shall be the standard.


    PANTONE 1788c
    RGB / R250 G52 B61
    CMRK / C0 M93 Y75 K0
    COLOR / #EE3642


    RGB / R64 G65 B64
    CMRK / C68 M60 Y60 K46
    COLOR / #404140
    *OPACITY BLACK 90%/50%/15%

    In order to form a consistent image of Soltworks, the spot color printing of the color swatch is prioritized but depending of the situation, four primary process colors may be utilized

    Color 1 Soltworks Logo color 1 (original)
    Color 2 Soltworks Logo color 2 (red)
    Color 3 Soltworks Logo color 3 (dark gray)
    Color 4 Soltworks Logo color 4 (light gray)


    Introducing Subsidiaries

    In line with the era of 4th Industrial Revolution, the Solt Group has become a competitive group in each field through convergence of IT-Media-Manufacturing business

    KAT KAT Logo

    Precision machining specialist - producing parts and components of product such as collaborative robot, cabinet, consoles and chip mounter

    Learn More

    Information Technology specialist - developing realistic VR/AR/MR training simulation and smart learning system

    Learn More
    KMT Soltworks Logo

    Display System specialist - designing and developing simulator and display systems for VR simulations

    Learn More


    오시는 길 머리글

    Contact us

    Location information of Soltworks.

    사업장 목록

    서울 본사 지도

    서울 본사 정보

    Head Office (Seoul) Phone




    405 Ace Techno Tower 8th 11 Digital-ro 33-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea. 08380

    Line 2

    Guro Digtal Complex Station exit 3
    10 minutes by walking

    Line 7

    NamGuro Station exit 1
    10 minutes by walking

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